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Documentation and overview

OpenDynamo is a PHP script that runs alongside your website. It doesn't replace or interfere with your website. It is a separate component that detects which website engine you're using (of the supported systems), and provides helpful links to view, edit, and get help for your website.

Documentation is currently being prepared and will be published shortly.

About Zebradots

Zebradots creates a complete new website for anyone in under 5 minutes. No computer knowledge required. No contracts. Next time you or someone you know needs one, we invite you to create a new website instantly with Zebradots. It's a complete website with sample pages rather than a blank slate. Editing is as easy as writing an email. And because it's open source, you truly own it.

You have to host with someone—why not support the team that brought you OpenDynamo? See how easy Zebradots makes it!