One website tool to rule them all.

  • Create a new website in seconds
  • Backup and restore your entire website
  • Intuitive interface
  • All in a single PHP file

It's all you need.

Now anyone can create a website

Until now, creating and managing a website required help from a web developer. It was virtually impossible for the website owner himself to backup his existing site, migrate his site to another hosting account, restore from a backup file, or start from scratch and create a new site. That was then.

Introducing OpenDynamo: a website wizard in a single PHP file. Now anyone can work wonders in a couple of clicks that previously took hours of command-line effort, or assistance from web developers:

OpenDynamo aims to be the first and last file you'll ever need to upload manually to your hosting account.

Why do ISPs resist OpenDynamo?

Because it sets you free. OpenDynamo makes it easy for you to deploy a new website that you actually own, rather than renting a proprietary website from your ISP. It makes it easy for you to zip up your website and move it to another server. Service providers would rather you didn't have such freedom, since they profit from your lack of options.

Then why did an ISP create OpenDynamo?

At Zebradots Web Solutions, we do things differently. Even though we create and host websites, we believe that developing and sharing tools like OpenDynamo—tools that empower regular users—is a better way of doing business. And when you create a new website with Zebradots, you'll have OpenDynamo already installed for you.

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About Zebradots

Zebradots creates a complete new website for anyone in under 5 minutes. No computer knowledge required. No contracts. Next time you or someone you know needs one, we invite you to create a new website instantly with Zebradots. It's a complete website with sample pages rather than a blank slate. Editing is as easy as writing an email. And because it's open source, you truly own it.

You have to host with someone—why not support the team that brought you OpenDynamo? See how easy Zebradots makes it!